onsdag 8. april 2015

genuine anchor link seo blackhat

yes there are places you can post your article whit genuine anchor link that freakn manipulate the search engines. You may even get seo traffic, in til google finds out that links are genuine. Than they penalize you page 99 from the engine. they may even penalize innocent pages of you, on that blogger account.  because you have done some thing on that innocent page that is suspicious for them. Like writing an article that is more or less spam, So they do this to be 100% sure.

Ok any way this is black hat seo, and genuine page has been part of panda and penguin. lateley.

So don't even try if you don't have an sophisticated plan, do no risk this on your best page.

For example quality pages are what google like
this is a creep site, not because my content is bad
but becouse i'm retarded, i'm not good at teeling google what i¨'m writing about.

sheck if your pages is penalized 

mandag 16. februar 2015

I tryed to connect to google play, but they denied my adress and all that. in most cases, i hate giving personal info over the net. so sounds like music in my ear to download an app from another website. who dont require my whole life.

ADOBE ANDROID APK PDF DOWLOAD those readers are great for reading pdf books over tablets.

adobe reader pdf android apk whit out google play sucks.

lørdag 14. februar 2015

Banan plante bergen

Musa acuminata kan dyrkes ute om sommeren, roten kuttes om vinteren å dekkes til. Den kan dyrkes av både frø og å av at de lager en ny en fra roten.
Stuebananen Musa acuminata stue plante.
 har kjøpt en Banana Plant! Musa Basjoo Root Hardy Gorgeous Foliage Architectural Plants!

Hvordan koble en strøm boks i en ramps 1.4 for å bygge reprap

Building a reprap manual guide

i've been working 2 years whit my reprap. The fascinating about the build prosses is that there are no single simmilar guide. building reprap prusa mendel 2 has meny benefits. 1 there are tons of info on it
and it came out in 201.

mandag 9. februar 2015

digital shop online guide

If you loock for this solution don't use word prees  use joomla . Joomla is the best suited build platform for this app, no joke. I have three years experince on this field. Wordpress is more for blogs and such
i cost like 30 dollar. it's easy to use.

Media Store by ExtStore

tirsdag 3. februar 2015

dccduino mega 2560 problem

arduino mega 2560 original koster 400 kroner, så det er mangen som seller kopi kort, disse kopi kortene trenger litt andre drivere fordi de er laget for å være biligere. for å utkonkurere den italienske produsenten. du må søke nøyaktig på det navne du har så må du finne ut hva drivere den skal ha.
Dette var en pain in the ass for meg, trodde jeg måtte ut med 400 men løsningen var enkel. å et kopi kort koster 70 kroner. det er 230 kroner billigere. Kopi  kortene gjør akurat det, gjør akurat
Jeg beruker en dccduino mega 2560 den skal ha CH340G DRIVER Siden er kinesisk. skaff deg google page tranclate den gjør at det kommer på engels å du mest sansynllig kommer til å forstrå