tirsdag 30. oktober 2012

Blogging tips beginner

Many people dream of having their own blog, but there are some common mistakes that people often make. If you are aware of these mistakes, you will know how to stand out from the crowd and write a blog that really matters.
The most common error is not owning your own domain. If you have a professional domain you will be taken more seriously. Another common error is not being the owner of your online property. If you are serious about making your blog happen, you need to have a self-hosted option. Think about it. No matter how brilliant your content is, it could all disappear overnight if you try to save money by not self-hosting.
It is important to have your own logo that is instantly recognisable to your readers as soon as they click on to your blog. It doesn't have to be the fanciest work of art, but it should represent you. Also, when people start a blog they want it to stand out, but make sure that it stands out for the right reasons. Use a design that is easy to read, and try to stick to a sans-serif font for your main content.
If you want to see some examples of great blogs from people who are considered masters in their field, take a look at the blogs of Corbett Barr and Seth Godin. Try to avoid the common blogging mistakes mentioned above and you should be on your way to having a great blog.

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