tirsdag 30. oktober 2012

Is Your PC Protected? AVG Antivirus Is Here

 AVG is a company that specializes primarily on computer security software. This company began in 1991 in Czech Republic with its founders being Gritzbach and Hofer. AVG's software's are designed to run on different platforms i.e. Linux, windows and support for mobile devices.
 AVG antivirus 2012 has been received well with a lot of its consumers. Among the best features that make it great is that it's easy to install and run scans due to its user friendly interface. AVG antivirus performs its tasks in the background without the annoying pop ups every five minutes or so, this is helpful since it does not interfere with a user's current activity.
 Humans are forgetful in nature but this is not the case as per AVG's user reviews. AVG antivirus comes with a tune up utility that automatically defragments disks, cleans the registry and fix broken short cuts in a computer letting consumer's worry about the important aspects.
 Some of the new features that consumers of this product have loved include the enhanced firewall to keep off unrestricted access, link scanner to warn of any malicious items contained in websites, rootkit scanner and AVG search.
 Also the best thing about AVG is that its license is bought at a pocket friendly price compared to other products currently in the market. Laptop users have been delighted by the system usage of AVG; it does not take up much of the systems memory or hold up the processor for long hence a little bit more battery usage from your PC.
 Some of the corporations that have partnered with AVG include MokaFive to aid in the development of desktop virtualization solutions. Opera software joined forces with AVG to provide security to their opera browsers. In late last year, AVG partnered with Zbang of Israel to come up with a open source windows and ipad application that incorporates social media, e-mail and multimedia into one.

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