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Save money use,Ryanair. A low cost but most admired airline service for Europe and Morocco.

Ryanair and its services.
 As a small airline service from London to Waterford, Ryanair was established in 1984. The airline was founded by Christopher Ryan, Tony Ryan, and Liam Lonergan. Ryanair has it's headquarter at Dublin airport. Since its inception it has grown very fast and now it has become one of the largest airline carriers of Europe. The first flight of the airline was taken off from Waterford to Gatwick airport (London) by a small 14 seat turboprop aircraft. After successfully providing airline services for a year from Waterford to London, the Ryanair started a new flight between Dublin and Luton airports. Due to monopoly of various well-established airline services at that time, it was not an easy task for a new comer to flourish in this business with a few aircrafts that have only 10 to 14 seats for passengers. But, Ryanair took the problems positively and it kept on providing its airline services, and by just two aircrafts and two routes it successfully provided airline services to around 82000 passengers within a year. However, due to low fares and no commercialization of flights, Ryanair was generally running in loss. But, when Michael O'Leary took the charge, he studied the whole business and tried to make the company profitable by simply decreasing turn-around time with low fares. Today, Ryanair has around 1200 experienced pilots who have experience of flying aircrafts in any weather, and 7300 other employees.
 Flight carriers owned by Ryanair.
 Currently Ryanair has 290 Boeing-800 aircrafts that are busy whole the days to provide uninterrupted services to passengers. Ryanair has been very much popular in whole Europe for being providing quality airline services at very affordable rates. Also, the company is working hard to expand its business to cover whole the world by its fast and affordable airline services.
 Ryanair, the company.
 Ryanair went public to accumulate funds for various expansion projects in 1997. The main aim of fundraising was to convert flight services to pan-European carriers. After 1997, the airline services offered by ryanair was increased which increased its earned revenues. From 1997 to 2010, the net profit of ryanair increased from 48 million dollars to 339 million dollars.
 Low cost, but still profitable how?
 A business can be profitable if it has low inventories but high profit margins or high profit margins with low inventories. Ryanair knew that high profit margins can not be maintained in such business therefore it reduced turnaround time of its flights to do more flights. Also, if cost is less more and more people would like to use your services. The Ryanair launched its own Website in 2000 with an online ticket booking platform. However, initially a few tickets were being booked online, but as years pass, more and more people started booking their tickets online. It minimized costs of operating flights because initially a big portion of money was fixed for ticket agents. Also to reduce landing fees, Ryanair prefers landing at secondary airports (smaller airports which are just a few miles away from major cities).
 Ryanair follows the point-to-point model of air journeys which is beneficial for passengers as well because to reach their destinations they do not need to change planes. As far now, it has 50 European air bases. Its largest bases are Alicante, Dublin, Stansted-London, Bergamo-Milan and Charleroi-Brussels. However, Ryanair is an Irish company, but it has presence in France (no base), Germany, UK, Spain, Poland etc.

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