tirsdag 30. oktober 2012

The Great Benefits of Intel

Intel microprocessors are up and running, keeping up with the latest innovations in technology today. Intel has seemed to touch everything from laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets to smartphones; helping to create amazing technoloigical advances everyday. Intels processors greatly help to increase potential gaming performance, which inevitably increases the their demand; making their value pricelss. They are also widely known for their anti-theft technology; helping to keep valuable information in much safer hands. Intel has also just recently released their sixth generation chip, commonly referred to as 'Pentium Pro".
 One of the best features of all Intel processors is that they are what's known as; backwards compatible. Backwards compatible means that they can run programs that are designed for much less powerful processors; that is unless a certain program was previously specifically designed for a certain model processor.
 In the early 80's Intel seemed to be the preferred processor, although now Intel is acquiring more and more competition with certain processors being designed that contain chips that are compatible with Intel. Two of Intel's leading competitors creating these specific chips are Cyrix and AMD.
 Intel has companies located all around the world, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week; designing the most innovative computer chips known. Intel runs on efficientcy, performance and expert technology; nothing less will do.
 In 1968 Intel was actually created and developed with the high hopes and dreams of just 2 men in California; and was originally named "N M Electronics". Now Intel is the largest Manufacturer of semiconductor chips in America, employing over 80,000 workers and receiving a yearly revenue in the high billions. Some have said that Intel is what makes the world go round.
 Although Intel has a large inventory of products, just a few are: motherboards, flash memory, all networking devices, and all embedded control micro-chips. Of course these items sound foreign to most people, so in simplier terms Intel is responsible for: wireless communication, Internet and home networks, all automation instruments (including factory related and medical), and items such as laser printers and calculators.
 Of course the younger generation views Intel as the incredible makers of gaming technology, as well as the newest computer and cellular phone innovations. So even though Intel has been around for many many years, people of all ages are familiar with their work and can relate it to their current lifestyle.
 Not only is Intel greatly thought of and valued for their technology advances, but also for their routine monatary donations to a variety of different organizations. Intel donates their profits to 150 different charities, schools, and organizations all accross Ireland. A program called " The Matching Grant Programme" was created by Intel to encourage their employees to volunteer their time and knowledge to non-profit organizations and schools, and in return Intel donates 10 dollars for every hour that's donated by their employees. Intel has donated approximately 400,000 grant aid as to date so far, and is continually contributing towards their efforts. Intel has not only opened doors to technology, but also towards helping many individuals attain better lives.

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