onsdag 28. november 2012

Best eye makeups for females 


Eye make up brightens and extends your lashes. Selecting the appropriate eye make up style depends on various factors such as, eye shape and skin tone, your personality and the occasion. 
Most popular eye make up include: Mascara, Eye shadow, Concealer and Eyeliner
 Concealer: applied to cover up circles under the eye. Use three dots of Concealer to cover each dark under-eye. Begin at the inside corner where skins tend to be most dark, then below the pupil and third on the external edge. 
 Eye shadow: is used on the eyelids and beneath the eyebrows. It enhances your eyes making them to stand out and look attractive. It also increases intensity and dimension to your eye and attracts concentration to the eyes. It is found in form of powder, liquid or pencil. A three-toned eye shadow is the best. Let them mix together like a rainbow to appear more elegant. Always start applying the light color harmonizing your lid. Then proceed with dark colors in the crease and mix the colors perfectly.
 Mascara: Is used to thicken, extend or define eyelashes. For all the females out there is no beauty practice perfected without mascara. So make sure you include mascara to increase the attractiveness of your eyes. When choosing the appropriate mascara consider the size of your eye lashes. For elongated lashes pick mascara that enhances eye volume to makes them appear thicker and denser. While elongating mascara should be chosen for short eye lashes. When applying mascara position the baton of your mascara at the base of your lashes and wriggle back and forth. Apply to underneath lashes too. 
 Eyeliner: is applied to outline the eyes. It is usually applied near the eye contours to produce aesthetic illusions. It is usually applied as an every day makeup practice to make the eyes appear wide or less. Eyeliner can be applied over upper lashes or under lower lashes. It works best in attracting concentration to the eyes and improves or modifies the eye's form. It is offered in a broad range of shades, from the usual black, brown to more daring shades such as bright basic colors, silvery and gold or glitter-flecked colors.

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