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Inka calendar



It is historically aware that the inka`s employed lunar and solar calendar systems, but they were not written down. The details on the inka calender are scattered widely and difficult to find, but it is essential to learn due to the strong reliance of the inka`s had of rituals according to the calendar month. The lords instituted different types of local time tracking systems. In Cuzco, the capital city, authorities kept a seasonal clock which has 365 day calendar, with thirty days and twelve months which has each three ten days weeks and five festival days. The annual quarter day problem was solved through again placing the calendar at the summer in the month of December. The inka`s also had track of the sun zenith motion. One year lunar calendar was maintained which has forty one eight day weeks that consists with 328 days. Studies of the Pleiads of the constellation in the sky rectified the discrepancy in the 328 day in the year.

The solar calendar was availed by the Inka`s, but it is not available with the rituals on several months which the lunar calendar performed. It is also believed that the calendar helped in the right keeping of time with the 365 days were perfect to the original year. The lunar calendar was the method availed in the cuzco for the purpose of ritual programs, but the calendar is believed to kept in the capital and been availed by the other inka`s for actual time keeping. When comparing to the today's calendar, this calendar is closely same with one year and a 1/4th day mistake every year. The calendar is highly debated, but most of the scholars accept that this method of the calendar was highly availed particularly in the Cuzco city. It has 42 eight day weeks that has 328 full days. The rituals are based on various lunar months of the calendar and city officials availed this to keep an annual plan of the events. The lunar calendar has 12 months, that every month containing own ritual and festival. The inka year started in December with the great festival or Capac raymi. December month festival was Capac raymi; at this festival most of the rituals arrive to attend this great festival.

Both silver and gold was offered to the sun god. Five hundred kids both girls and boys are buried alive. After the process of sacrifice, a high feast is conducted, on the feast people drink and eat to the sun. The also dance in the Cuzco public squares. People who became drunk too much and who use bad words and turn their heads on seeing women are all made to death. Second month is added with fasting and inka`s penance. At this month, they provided sacrifices, made penance, fasted and cover their head and body by using ashes. They pray to their gods, moon and sun. On the third month that is on February, they made offerings of large amount of silver and gold. Four month is March, at this month the sorcerers and priests do lots of ceremonies, refrained contacting with women, deprived them of salt and use no fruit. Every month in the calendar has importance with the people. The people also see to the stars and schedule their seasonal and ritual events.

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