onsdag 28. november 2012

Louis Vuitton- Combination of Innovation, Elegance and Exclusive

Louis Vuitton is a fashion house founded in 1854 by a French businessman and designer Louis Vuitton. It has headquarters in Paris, France where its first store was opened and flat bottom trunks were introduced by the founder. LV provides a wide range of luxury products, consisting of leather goods, watches, trunks, jewellery, accessories and sunglasses etc.The label uses a LV monogram that appears on most of its products. LV sells its product through standalone stores, leased stores in high-end departmental stores and online shopping section of its official website. The label has been voted as world's most valuable luxury brand for seven consecutive years from 2006 to 2012 and has an industry valuation of approximately 25.9 billion USD.

To satisfy the potential customers, Louis Vuitton has promoted its brand image by providing the customer a benefit of owning a product with exclusive style statement. When a person purchases a product from LV, he/she not only purchases a piece of luggage, watch or jewellery but prestige and style. LV can be afforded only by elite and rich who want to make a statement and want to be distinctive from others. It doesn't have sale on its product which reduces the chances of bulk purchases or attracting customers who can afford more economical products. LV is also known for offering custom made products like LV luggage on order to prominent figures like Marthe Chenal. LV designed a toiletry case for Marthe Chenal which can hold bottles, brushes, mirrors, powder box, and other toiletries.

Louis Vuitton has cultivated a celebrity following and prominent figures like Sean Connery, Madonna, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf advertised its products over the time. The label uses print ads in magazines and on billboards as a primary method of marketing but recently released a ninety second television commercial on the theme "Where will life take you?"

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