onsdag 28. november 2012

Reap the skin-care benefits with Olay Definity

I found it while searching for my favored Olay Definity products on the internet that recently Total Effects has take over the Definity and Olay Definity is now an official part of Total Effects. Isn't it exciting to find that one of the biggest anti-ageing product series has now joined hands with Definity Luminosity to offer sheer luster to your skin and make you look younger.
It's now time to give your skin a radiant, healthy and youthful look so let's have a look at some of the products that you can use to make it happen.
The best thing that happens with this merger is that your favorite Definity products are still available both on the shelf in the market and offline, but in Olay Total Effects series.
I am using both Olay Definity and Total Effects so for me its combo offer in a single pack. Here are some of my favorites that might suit your skin as well-
Olay Definity Color Recapture
Earlier it was 'Definity Color Recapture' and now it's 'Olay Total Effects CC Cream'. This tome correcting moisturizer provides instantaneous coverage to your skin from the harmful UV rays. Containing SPF 15, this cream is a big beauty trend. Now get rid of 7 signs of ageing consisting of wrinkles, uneven tone and ageing spots. The sheer-tint offered by this Olay CC cream makes you look incredibly younger.
Definity Spot Treatment
This hydrating cream that fades the brown-looking skin spots to make them look matching with skin tone is now available as 'Tone Correcting Sport Treatment' by Total effects.
Olay Definity Night Restorative Sleep Cream
This cream indeed makes you a 'sleeping beauty'. Beauty enhancement while sleeping is the main function of this newly 'Tone Correcting Nigh Moisturizer' by Total Effects. You can witness visible results by using this night restorative cream that tones the skin and even lightens your skin complexion making it look fresh and young.
Definity Illuminating Eye Treatment
Getting Swelling or Puffiness around eyes? Suffering from uneven skin tone under eyes? To correct all these problems get the Total Effects 'Tone Correct Eye Treatment' earlier known as Definity Illuminating Eye Treatment. It definitely illuminates your eyes by correcting under eye skin tone and reducing fine lines around eyes.
With such a wide range of Olay Definity products, Olay Total Effects has now become a much stronger brand that is able to give all beauty conscious people a reason to feel joyous.
If you trust Olay products then you must be happy to know that quality standards are exactly the same as with Definity products and even the composition of the ingredients is untouched. What is changed is only the name that is already a brand by itself.
I have not tried to change my beauty regime at all because my beauty essentials are still easily reachable without any hassle. You also find out online the new Total Effects products that earlier belonged to Olay Definity, but do not get confused with the new name. For more information, visit the official Total Effects website and you will be loaded with the latest updates.

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