onsdag 28. november 2012

Rihanna, Talented and Wild Too

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a singer, actress and songwriter based in the United States. She is commonly referred to as Rihanna; she was born in February 1988 in Barbados South America. She was born the eldest daughter with two siblings after her.
Rihanna started singing as a small girl so that they could escape from the reality that her father was a crack addict and had divorced her mother. She formed a group of 3 with her classmates in Charles F. Broome Memorial School and later went to an audition by Evans Rogers, Evans was impressed and took her to America to record a few demos.
While in America, Rihanna auditioned for Def jam music group which was headed by jay z and got the contract to record with the label. She later released her first album 'Music Of the Sun' that did well in the billboard 100 charts. She has been nominated in Grammy awards and also won in the MTV awards two years in a row.
 Other than the music scene, Rihanna has hit headlines with rumors that started that she was dating her boss jay-z. She dismissed the rumors terming them funny. She later went on and was engaged in a relationship with chris brown which ended badly after he assaulted her. Months after the incident, rumors came out that she was seeing rapper drake of young money records but were unconfirmed. However earlier in the year, Rihanna spoke well about Chris brown during the oprah winfrey show.
 Nivea never went on with their plans to endorse Rihanna reason because she was too sexy. But other brands i.e. Covergirl have featured her in their issues, Gucci has a perfume on her and a fruit drink company, island drink.
 Rihanna is enterprising and serious about meeting her objectives and now as a domestic violence ambassador strives to guide women not to put up with abusive relantionships.

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