fredag 23. november 2012

Swine flu is a ugly virus

Swine flu is a virus, called h1n1 broke out in 2009
symptoms of influenza,your muscle are week,sneezing,and painfull coughing,
h1n1 symptoms can be many.
Many says swine flu vaccine side effects are fatal, symptoms of influenza are different.
I think swine flu vaccination is bullshit any way,
I felt high after I took it.

swine flu pregnancy, I heard about a  Pregnant women that died in hospital after H1N1 swine flu virus
read more of causes by h1n
symptoms of influenza and swine are 2 different thing.
Swine flu india is still a problem Congress man is death in hospital becouse of swine flu
swine flu treatment.
Swine flu effects your respiratory,i had this pluss painfull coughing, than i cantact doctor.Tamiflu is a medicines, for some, medical indysustry said 2009
this was the antivirus.
people have 1000 difrent opinion about this i know

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