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What you  must loock for when buying Digital 

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the best digital video camera can be quite challenging, especially considering the wide variety of choice available in the market. It is often difficult to zero-in on the right one, which can ultimately turn out to be better than expected or the other way round. It is therefore imperative that a basic understanding is achieved before blindly plunging into the world of digital camcorders. Here are a few tips and guidelines which can lead the user to find the ideal and best digital video camera.
Before we go any further into analysing the key features and significance of different video cameras, the following factors may be considered:Optical zoom is more significant than digital zoom: One of the most vital factors in considering the best digital video camera is to ensure that the zoom lens is perfect. This is a critical factor as it enables the user to create multiple effects including image cropping adjustments, close-up and panoramic shots, etc. In order to create a lasting impact on videos, opting for a camera with longer optical zoom is wiser, which thereby results in improved user control.
Impact of Mike input and headphone output: Excellent sound quality is delivered by video cameras with digital audio of 12- and 16-bit. Although a built-in mic is just not enough for a great sound, it is also advisable to go for a camcorder which has both the mike input and headphone output.
CCD Number: Images of high quality can be expected from cameras with about three CCDs. Although it is comparatively expensive than counterparts with a singleCCD, imaging of extremely high quality is ensured.
Number of pixels per CCD: This is one of the most critical factors which sets apart an ideal video camera from others. The higher the number of pixels, the sharper the resulting image is. Apart from the pixel count, other factors also include the image quality such as CCD size and lens quality.
Maximum Shutter Speed: Razor sharp images, particularly ones with high-speed action result from camcorders with high-speed shutters. Therefore, shutter speeds of a wide range are always desirable, irrespective of the fact whether the person is a professional or an amateur.
In-camera editing feature: This is an ideal feature for those who like to edit their images before uploading into their respective computers and devices. Camcorders with this feature also have the option of editing mini video clips.
Wireless transfer: Cameras with a wireless transfer option are a perfect choice since images can be instantly transferred sans any wired clutter.
Power: Irrespective of which camcorder or video camera the user chooses to buy, the types of batteries that are to be used also play an important role. For instance, rechargeable batteries of lithium-ion are longer-lasting. Apart from the fact that they are environment-friendly, they are a better choice when compared to disposable batteries. This factor also plays an important role in choosing the best digital video camera.


The above mentioned factors are helpful enough to assist users in choosing the best digital video camera. The user can now be rest assured and relatively more relaxed before making the bigpurchase.

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