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Career Highlights of Tennis Professional Bobby Reynolds

Successful career has been tasted by tennis professional Bobby Reynolds who had several ups and downs during his prolific stint at the international level. During his eventful career, he won many major championships that have catapulted him to instant fame representing him among the top league players. One of the major highlights of his career is that he has been equally effective as a doubles player besides being a specialist in the singles event. Born in Cape Cod of Massachusetts, he turned into a pro at an early age that allowed him to reap the rewards as a young tennis ace.
Reynolds reached his career's highest ranking of 63 during the year 2009 when he participated in all the three events major events of the year; Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. However, he failed to reach the second round even after giving a spirited display of tennis prowess. Apart from playing tennis, he is fond of travelling and is known to play the role of a mentor for enthusiastic travelers. As a doubles player, he even partner with tennis greats like Andy Roddick that led him to score a win by claiming Indianapolis tournament in 2006. He maintained a doubles ranking of 46 in the doubles even in 2009, which is his best as of yet.
As far as the best performance of Reynolds in the singles event is considered, he managed to reach the third round of Australian Open in 20005. Currently, he is still active in the circuit with an official ATP world ranking of 144. For a player who has been active in professional tennis for several years, it comes as a surprise for his opponents who are unable to find out his fitness secret. However, the humble player maintains that it is his hard work and determination to perform at the highest level that allowed him to carry on.
Most of the successes that the American has tasted have come on hard court surfaces. Reynolds has got an excellent track record whenever the ATP World Tour 250 Series is considered as it reflects, 2-1 on an overall. It all began for him after making a strong decision of playing tennis. Receiving his first coaching lessons under celebrated former pro David Drew, there has been no looking back for him since then. One of his major career achievements is that of leading Vanderbilt Commodores to the NCAA Men's Tennis Championship final in 2003. This result has ensured that he received the Most Valuable Player award as well.
It was in 2003 that he remained on top of all as far as the American singles event is considered. Reynolds has developed a perfect on-field chemistry with Roddick whenever he used to partner with the tennis ace for major events. Maintaining career by being equally good at more than one event in any sport is a remarkable feat in itself. This has been successfully carried over by him for several years in a consistent manner. It is hugely anticipated that he achieves a Grand Slam tournament in his future career.

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