mandag 3. desember 2012

Explore great fun with far cry

A lot of people love to play video games. Some games can catch you to your seat for hours and hours because they are interesting and keep you anxious about what is going to happen next. One of the best looking games of 2012 is Far cry. The use of high quality visuals and the good interesting story allows the player to enjoy more. The game was first introduced in 2004 for Microsoft windows and the game received ample of reviews which were positive. Many sequels to the games have been introduced in the market and there is a movie released on the same theme.
Plot of far cry and the way a soldier accomplishes his target:
Jack Craver is a US army Operative, who has got a bitter past and runs the boat charter business. He was hired by Valerie and was travelling in a boat with some of his employers. Suddenly, the boat blasts and he manages to escape to a jungle where he has to struggle to find his way back. Jack manages to find Valerie when she was being taken from a helicopter. She tells Jack that she is an undercover agent of the CIA. A lot of Trojans has revolted against and Jack tells Val to split up in order to lead the mission successfully. They meet in between to accomplish the mission till the end successfully.
The Game Far cry is all about a mission which needs to be achieved and in this mission there are certain people whose identities are revealed after a certain time. Some are good and some are villains. The player has to go from the jungle to accomplish his mission. He had to fight to reach the target and can do a lot of action in fighting the enemies in the best possible way. He has a mini map, binoculars and other important weapons to fight the intruders. He has been given the liberty of moving in every direction. He can lie down, crouch, jump and run easily.
Design of the game :
The map of the game is designed creatively. A player is able to accomplish his objectives in Far cry in several different ways. There is no specific rule in which he needs to begin. Though there is a simple route which is given in the game but the player can make a choice. He may or may not use it. The game has been designed well and the power of visuals is also worth praising. There are seamless transitions which are used in this game. The way graphics are shown it seems they are planned in a systematic manner which is quite attractive. The quality of graphics is also supreme. The game was made for xbox, play stations, game cube, etc.
Far cry 2 was released in 2008, 3 in 2011 and now 4 in 2012. Each version of the game is unique in itself. The way the story is being carried on is very interesting. Players enjoy the game and love to play it for hours without a break. It is a mediocre level game which has some difficulty but if one plays it for some time, he can gain control over the game. On December 7 2012, the 4th version will be released for the people to explore some more fun.

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