mandag 3. desember 2012

Gaming addicts enjoy the call of duty

A lot of record breaking sessions have been reported in the past about some video games. Out of these video games, the longest record breaking session was for 135 hours and this was for the game, call of duty. This news was about Okan who built a fantastic record and so many people were influenced by the game that actually 8 million copies were sold in the market. It is the first and third person shooter video game series. The series started on a PC and was later expanded to the consoles and hand held.
Call of duty has created a craze among people:
A lot of people love this game as it is about shooting and being vigilant. One needs to learn fast pace skills to achieve victory in this game. At times you are trapped and require to switch to other models of guns or weapons to save yourself from the intruders. The game is designed like a story and kids love to play it for hours. Not only kids but even adults enjoy playing this game. The game is not easy or difficult but requires some effort to understand. The good thing is, you do not need a strategy to break this game. It can be achieved easily.
Some games have achieved a lot of fame and call of duty is one of them. The reason being, it has allowed people to understand it easily. There are superb graphics used in the game and unlike other games which were introduced in the past, this game is a bit different. Most of the call of duty games is published for Apple OS X and the game uses a variety of engines which include id Tech 3, IW5.0, etc.. Every month 40 million people are found to be playing the game. People love cod games and this game is one of those. People enjoy playing it in groups and can spend hours enjoying this game.
Some new series are launched every time:
There is a range of the series introduced in this game. Call of duty has the magic to attract people and therefore, it launches series. Most of them are introduced every year as the second favorite shooter series which took the market. Modern warfare 2; call of duty has a record breaking performance. About 310 dollar business was made because of this game. Millions of copies were sold in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, etc. Those who like war movies enjoy this game a lot.
The story is interesting and therefore people love to play this game. The plot of the story is based on the cold war. It is based on a real life operation where a majority of the missions was played in the 1960's. The game offers helicopter, weapons and other flying jets for the players. The soldiers who were a part of black ops were given these weapons and other important transportation. There are submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, launchers, etc. Earlier there were standard perks which had to be unlocked, but now these were available from the beginning of the game. Many changes have been made to the game but each time it is interesting for the players to explore something different.

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