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Get blender the 3d program for great animation work

If you are interested in animation and making a magical world through your computer, then you can do it more efficiently and easily by turning to the software that could be your best friend. This program is called blender the 3d program. The best part about it is that it is free. It is a program for #d graphical. It is also an open source program. You can easily use it to let your imagination fly with visual effects, animation, video games and interactive applications with 3D.
What are the main features of this program?
The main and significant features of this program include the followingUV unwrappingRiggingSkinning3D modelingParticle simulationSmoke and fluid simulationMatch movingRenderingCamera trackingVideo editingAnimationCompostingA game engine that is built-in
History of Blender the 3d program
The program was originally authored by the famous Ton Roosendaal. The program was developed by NaN and Neo Geo studio. The NaN founded in 1998, almost ten years after the program was written. The main purpose of NaN was the development and distribution of the program. The blender source code was released in 2002.
Know more about Blender the 3d program
Blender the 3d program has a very small size for installation. It is around 70 megabytes. For official releases the size is around 115 megabytes. The official version has been released for Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux and Microsoft windows. The program has various features and capabilities that has made it a popular program. The program has the ability to support various geometric primitives like subdivision fast surface modeling, polygon meshes, Bezier curves, metaballs, NURBS surfaces and digital sculpting. It can also support B-mesh and outline font.
The program is able to export a wide variety of formats through ambient occlusion, scanline ray tracing and indirect lighting. It has a path tracer engine known as Cycles, which can be used for GPU computing. It can be integrated with many external render engines with the help of plug-ins. It has many animation tools like armature, curve, hook, inverse kinematics, shape keys, constraints, non-linear animation and vertex weighting. The many tools that can be aimed at soft body dynamics are LBM fluid dynamics, Bullet body dynamics, collision detector, ocean generator. For non-destructive effects, you can take the help of the modifiers. The basic format of video and audio editing, linear editing, can also be done with this program. The program is also great because it can offer real time control, when you are working on physics simulation. A node-based compositor, which is accelerated with an OpenCL within the rendering pipeline, is also available.
What is the hardware requirement of this program?
For more special programs to run there will be specific hardware that has to be supplied. Compared to the other 3D programs, the hardware requirements for this program is very low. A 2GHz dual core processor is recommended, though it can work with a 1GHz single core processor too. A 512 MB RAM is a minimum requirement. A three button mouse is the desired input device and a 1920 x 1200 pixel display is required.
If you are interested in 3D animation and graphics then get on to the Blender group and start off on your dreams.

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