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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Career Highlights
No doubt, Michael Jordan was the greatest basket ball player the world has ever received. His accomplishments have never been reached by other athletes. His dominance in the game kept many people wondering about his skills. Michael Jordan played for NBA for about 15 years. He was a hero, brilliant and played the game with lots of dedication. He became a hero in his professional career after just a couple of months and received numerous awards for being the best player of the world.
Michael Jordan faced some of the obstacles in his career. For example, a number of players were not happy with attention he was receiving and his success. He was not being given the ball when they were playing but this din't affect him in anyway. Instead, he was voted the best player of the year (Rookie). In his second season, he suffered from leg injury that made him not to participate in 64 games. After his recovery, Michael Jordan performed exceptionally. The record he set has never been broken and he is considered the greatest NBA player in the worlds history; he made his team to have prolific scores in history. Michael Jordan had earned about 3,000 points and his defensive power was great.
Jordan led his team in winning the 1987-1988 season games. In his career, he won MVP award. On top of that, he became the best defensive player after getting 3.16 steals and 1.6 blocks in each game. Every time he laid his fingers on the ball, what ran in spectators' minds is scoring. He again grabbed MVP award during 1990-1991 season. He made his team to beat the strong teams such as Los Angeles Lakers. His dunking and shooting skills were great. Tears rolled down his face when they won final trophy.
The dominance of Michael Jordan was felt during 1991-1992 seasons by receiving various records. His supremacy was felt in court and defensive prowess. Jordan officially announced that he was retiring on 6th October 1993 because he had lost desire in basket ball. Later, he admitted that the main reason for him quitting the game was a result of the death of his father. His father (James R. Jordan) was bloodily murdered. After a period, he surprised the world by accepting to play for Chicago White Sox. He made the team to get many awards.
Michael Jordan officially rejoined the NBA on 18th march 1995 and was given jersey number 45. He led the team to beat various team for example the Indian Pacers. He played very well upon his return to the team. He trained insistently and made NBA to be champions of 1995-1996 seasons. At the end of his contract with NBA, he decided to retire. He was made the Washington Wizards' head of Basket ball operations. Jordan become the player Washington Wizards on 25th September 2001 and said that his salary to be given to the vulnerable and less fortunate in society. In his third retirement, he made clear that who would not play or head Washington Wizards Basket Ball operations anymore.

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