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Red panda money donations

The Red Panda is an endangered nocturnal animal living in the South central Asia mountain forests. Hunting and habitat destruction with livestock has resulted in the reduced numbers to only few thousands. You can save these red panda from becoming extinct by following these simple steps.
1) Sign a petition and increase contribution to conservation efforts.
2) Increase awareness by hosting fundraisers at your workplace, society and your school. Encourage people in participating towards contribution. Use social media networking and educate people.
3) Adopt a red panda, it is US $40 only. The proceeds will reach the conservation efforts.
4) Purchase merchandise from the network of Red Panda so that all that amount directly reaches the conservation.
5) Volunteer from where you are. You can inform people about these animals and its level of extinction.
Donation does not mean you have to contribute money all by yourself. You can raise money by selling t-shirts that will be soon arriving and think of many other ways to support the red Panda network. The need for raising funds is to protect the dedicated area in Nepal.
Red Panda network makes uses of all the money donated to buy medications and food for the dogs and cats they take care.
The Red Panda is a tree dwelling mammal that is larger than a domestic cat and has a bushy tail like a fox. It is found in the Nepal and China Himalayan regions, but is now also in Myanmar, Northern India and Bhutan.
You can adopt and receive a beautiful red panda adoption box having these items such as:
1) A soft toy of red panda that look cuddly and gorgeous
2) A red panda personalized adoption certificate
3) A map of the world showing the red panda natural habitat
4) A fun fact sheet
5) A car sticker
6) A entry ticket for free to the Port Lympne animal Park
The red panda is declining in numbers recently due to the temperate forest habitat and population. Most areas that has red panda have highest deforestation rates making the numbers decline as their habitat is fragmented. Moreover, they are illegally hunted for their bushy tails and fur that are made into hats.
Red Pandas feed on bamboo and also eat other small animals along with birds, berries and grass. It is a gentle animal that like grapes and spends best time sleeping on the trees covering its face with the busy tail.
This is a nice opportunity for you today adopt a red panda by just paying £25.00 and this amount will be used to feed, protect and maintain the health of red panda that are in care of the Aspinall Foundation.
The Aspinall-Foundation works in association with Port-Lympne Wild Animal Parks, UK that works to safeguard endangered and rare animals. They do this and return these endangered animals to protected areas. Unfortunately, humans are the main cause for extinctions and so now it is time to protect them.
Adoption of animal can be done by giving ethical gifts, so treat a family member or a friend with a red panda adoption box and contribute towards the red panda survival.

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