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The next phase of discovery: Mars

Who has not dreamed of becoming a fairy and flying outside the earth? As we grew and our belief in fairies waned we started to dream differently, though the aspect of flying never left our fantasy, but we were no more fairies but astronauts from NASA.
From time immemorial men have dreamed of discovering worlds outside our own. In his search he started to try and learn more about the other planets in the solar system. It was more of a search to know more about his own history than to know about the other planets. The main point of interest was to know if there was life on the other planets. The main search was for traces of water.
The latest hope: mars exploration project NASA
The latest mission which has given rise to great hopes is the mars exploration project NASA. This project has fueled the hopes of the scientists and the dreams of the layman alike. At no other point in history, save the landing on the moon, was mankind as excited about an extra-terrestrial venture. At no other point in history was the fascination of almost all of the earth centered on a single planet. At a time when the earth is struggling to overcome problems of every manner possible, including environmental, social , economic and political, this project has been a binding force. It is mainly because of the feeling that there might be a form of life that exists outside our earth. This sole belief is enough to unite every country on earth.
Studies have proved that such projects, though provides an immeasurable amount of information and data for the hard-working scientists, has also proved to be a thread that has been able to light a flame of unity in the beings of earth. The feeling, that we could not be alone in this universe and that if an unfriendly form was discovered then earth would or could be under threat, has brought out the feelings of brotherhood like never before.
Facts to know about the mars exploration project NASA
The missions concerning the planet Mars started towards the end of the 20th century.
There are, at present, two Mars rovers on the surface of Mars. These are called Opportunity and Curiosity.
There are three Orbiters around Mars. These are Mars express, Mars Odyssey and Mars Reconnaissance.
The recent missions to the planet Mars include Mars Odyssey in 2001. This mission led to the discovery of hydrogen on Mars.
The next mission was the Mars Express mission of 2003. This mission led to the detection of methane in the atmosphere of Mars.
On 2004 January the twin rovers landed on Mars. They performed unbelievably well and this mission also led to the conclusion that there is a possibility of liquid water having existed on Mars earlier.
March of 2006 saw the launch of the orbiter Mars Reconnaissance. Curiosity reached Mars in 2012.
The mission to Mars has not been able to quench our thirst for knowledge, if anything; it has only increased our need to know more. The success achieved, in the mars exploration project NASA, has been a source of pride and inspiration.

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