søndag 13. januar 2013

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Wheatgrass

 The benefits of wheatgrass have been noticed over the years and there are numerous reports of dietitians, herbalists and nutritionists and that claim the advantages of including wheatgrass in your diet. Wheatgrass contains protein, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and chlorophyll. There are countless health benefits that are credited to wheatgrass, including increased energy and reducing the risk for skin diseases, cancer, and anemia.
 Wheatgrass contains up to 70% chlorophyll. The benefits of chlorophyll include reducing blood pressure and the reconstruction of blood and tissues. Another advantage of the chlorophyll found in wheatgrass is its ability to reduce body odor like bad breath, sweating and menstrual odors. Help on diseases of the skin, sinuses and colds are other benefits that have been attributed to the chlorophyll in wheatgrass.
 Another health benefit of wheatgrass is the ability to cleanse the body. Wheatgrass is also said to help in preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the body. In addition, the levels of beta-carotene in wheat grass may reduce one's cancer risk.

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