fredag 11. januar 2013

Raw diet health benefits an overview

 Discrimination between humans and other creatures:
 The title might seem little misery and the normal answer revealed by almost all the people is the "Sixth sense". Apart from the sense there is another eye-catching difference is the physique of the humans and the latter one. Animals will not look obese and most of them are healthy than humans other than human fed pets. The ultimate reason behind this is that they consume raw foods whereas we people consume chemically treated cooked foods. It is important for humans to know about the raw diet health benefits. A few decades back an expert revealed that "by eating live foods you create a live body". The statement is 100% true and not apparent. The major backlog in today's natural food is that it is been treated with chemicals by commercial motive farmers. Still it is advisable to include at least 75% of raw diet.

 Foods to be preferred:


 Apart from these there are some people who prefer raw eggs and raw meat. These raw diet health benefits are negative even though they come under the category of raw foods.
 Amazing raw diet health benefits:

 Looking Ever youth.
 Feeling energized.
 Improved health.
 Maintain adequate weight.
 Alleviates depression.

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