fredag 11. januar 2013

Rumble Roses XX for Xbox 360

Konami Digital Entertainment really outdid themselves with Rumble Roses XX for Xbox 360. Following the Rumble Roses series, it is the first all-female wresting game for Xbox, with upgrades galore, new game play modes and much more. Developed in conjunction with Yuke's Media Creations you'll be encountering twenty barely clad she-devils with greater graphics and sound than it's precursor. Victory is yours whether you rumble with with a foxy spitfire or enlist a friend to contend with in Tag Team mode. Execute stupendous move after move to establish Queen in the knock-down-drag-out mode Battle Royale or use Elimination and other modes to determine who comes out on top. Unlock your destiny with submission holds, grapples, reversals, and combos as well. The Killer, Street Fight and Humiliation moves will turn any underdog into a title holder. With online game play courtesy of Xbox Live, go head-to-head or fight as a team. Meet the challenge with Rumble Roses XX for Xbox 360.

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