fredag 11. januar 2013

The benefits of granate apple

i drink granate apple juice often becouse of its good nutrition
The health benefits of granate apple include asthma help, bone protection, Alzheimer's prevention, lower cholesterol, lung and breast cancer prevention, stomach disorders, heart disease protections, gout, dysentery and eye disorders. You can eat raw apple directly or through several dishes including custards and fruit salads and apple juice.

 Asthma aid
 The recent research has indicated that kids with asthma who drank granate apple juice every day suffered fewer breathless than kids who never or rarely drink the juice. Another research revealed that women who eat plenty of apples during pregnancy reduce their kids' chances of becoming asthmatic.
 Bone protection
 Granate apple contain a phloridzin, may prevent post- menopausal women against osteoporosis and increase bone density. It also contains boron an ingredient that is essential for bone strengthening.
 Reduces cholesterol level
 The apple contains pectin. Pectin reduces the body bad cholesterol level. Individuals taking granate apple on daily basis reduces their cholesterol level by sixteen percent.
 Alzheimer's prevention
 A research study carried out on rats at Cornell University showed that quercetin found in apples might protect cells in the brain from any sort of free radical destruction that may cause Alzheimer's ailment.
 Breast and lung cancer prevention
 As per the recent research, people eating granate apples on daily basis has a fifty percent lower risk of developing lung and breast cancer. This is attributed to high level of naringin and quercetin found in granate apples.
 Other benefits of granate apples include colon and liver cancer prevention, diabetes control and weight loss.

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