torsdag 10. januar 2013

This is no avocado recipes,its more about nutrition,  and health  benefits

Multiple health benefits of Avocado:
Enrichment of glutathione and higher concentration level of folate and potential efficiency of monounsaturated fats has triggered this special fruit to do wonders when it comes to human health. Avocado benefits are exceptional and they primarily play a vital role against cardiovascular problems, stokes etc.

Generic features of Avocado:

With the availability of folate and glutathione, Avocado helps acts as a power medium in minimizing the health hazards and staying away from the risk of prostate cancer, oral cancer, heart related issues and the most common problem of aging.
 It is medically proved that high presence of oleic acid help women to brutally fight against breast cancer.
 Carotenoid lutein present in Avocado helps to reduce or lower the risk rate of cataracts and other eye related problems in ease.
 Primary Avocado benefits is nothing but it triggers to be powerhouse or protective shield in safeguarding the human body against heck a lot of disease with its potential benefits. It is rich in Vitamin E and carotenoid lutein as well.
 Due to the presence of beta-sitosterol there are plenty of chances for humans to maintain a balanced cholesterol level in the body.

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