torsdag 10. januar 2013

Top Feminine Beauty Trends Making the Rounds Today

Beauty trends just like fashion come and go and that is why every fashionable woman needs to ensure that once a beauty trend is in season, then they need to try it out at least once. Today, some of the top beauty trends making the rounds in the fashion world pertain to clothing, hairdos as well as cosmetics used on the body.
 Nail Art
 Nail art is a top beauty trend that does not simply fade off; rather it reinvents itself and gets better with time, and every year new styles and designs come up making nail art a top fashion trend. Today, nail art incorporates unique textures including hand-placed glitter, flocking powders and caviar pearls. Ornate designs and textured lacquers are also in vogue and include diamonds, velvet, rubber and gold.
 Skinny Jeans
 Skinny jeans have been around for a while now, but they are still a top beauty trend for women all over the world. Today, skinny jeans made to accommodate stretch, such as those made using Spandex or Lycra are more popular than the wide leg or boot cut designs. Skinny jeans that can expand tend to make legs slender and when worn with boots make for a stunning outfit. However, if you are yet to get yourself a pair of skinny jeans, now is the time since they may not be in fashion for a much longer period of time.
 Bold Lips
 Bold lips usually perk up a face, even when little or no makeup is used. Therefore, bold lips has made it to the top trends making the rounds today because it is a versatile style that instantly beautifies the face of any woman spotting it.
 Natural Hair
 Styling hair naturally is reminiscent of the 70s afro, and today it is a top beauty trend that has even been adopted by top celebrities. Natural hair styling is a big trend because it is like a fresh of breath air in the hair industry where wearers go without the use of chemicals. In fact, if you are looking to avoid the use of chemicals in the near future on your hair, leaving it natural will mean that you will be spotting a top beauty trend today.
 BB Creams
 BB creams also known as Blemish Balm cream are a top beauty trend today although they have been around for quite a while. BB creams make it to the top beauty trends because they are literally an all in one facial product. This ensures that women looking to apply make up fast can do it easily and with no hassle. BB creams are a life saver for women on the move all over the world, and will definitely be a top beauty trend product for years to come.
 Topknots can be compared to the ponytail, but the difference is that this is hairdo that flatters and gives formality to any person who wears out. This hairdo makes it to a top beauty trend because although it looks amazing to wearers, they can be put up effortlessly and are also easy to maintain. Thus, in case of a bad hair day, or you are looking for an all purpose hairdo, then the Topknot hairstyle is the best choice.
 Envelope clutches
 Finally, another top beauty trend for women is the Envelope clutch.Envelope clutches in the world of handbags fall in between satchels and clutches, and this makes them neither too big nor too small to be carried around. Thus, they can be used for dinner dates, going out on a rave or even for a job interview.
 So, these are the top beauty trends making the rounds today. They make wearers stand out and also define the direction the world of fashion and beauty takes.

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