fredag 11. januar 2013

Benefits of Green Tea?

 Tea is the most consumed liquid in the world after water and it is known for its health benefits. Green tea, in particular, seems to have many such benefits and numerous studies certify that those who drink large quantities of green tea on a regular basis may diminish their risk of cancer and other serious illnesses.
 Green tea is not actually a specific plant, but the result of a special preparation of the plant; the tea leaves are not processed as in the case of black tea, but steamed and then dried, after being harvested young and rapidly treated before fermentation.
 This type of tea is rich in caffeine, as well as vitamin C and has a stimulating action. Moreover, the amino acid theanine contained in green tea has a relaxing effect, which is responsible for reducing stress. It also contains antioxidants that activate the natural defenses of the body and protect it from free radicals.
 In addition to that, green tea has diuretic effects and therefore helps the body to eliminate toxins. It prevents fat storage and is recommended as an aid in weight loss plans, especially as it aids digestion.

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