fredag 8. februar 2013

Kids Bikes

 Biking is both a form of exercise and an enjoyable activity for kids. That been said, kids need to be taught how to ride their bikes and also how to maintain road safety at all times. The following are some tips to help ensure your kid has a safe biking experience.

 -The biking basic rule states that, every biker, whether old or young should have protective gear/wear at all times when biking, in this case, a helmet. You need to provide your kid with a well fitting helmet which they should wear at all times when biking.

 -Before your kid goes biking you should ensure the bike tires are well inflated.Under-inflated tires are usually a cause for many road accidents.
 -Ensure your kids bike brakes are in good condition, always check them before letting your kid go biking.
 -Always encourage your kid to avoid following the crowd and giving into peer pressure. Encourage them to always make their own decisions.
 -Don't let your kids go biking on uneven roads or on roads with potholes or cracks, more so don't let young kids ride bikes unsupervised.

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