fredag 8. februar 2013

Nutrition Benefits of Coconut Milk

 Known as 'Kalpavriksha' in Sanskrit, coconut is a highly beneficial product of nature. Enlisted here are five coconut milk nutrition benefits.
 Prevention of anemia
 Anemia is lack of iron in the body and one cup of coconut milk can supply upto one quarter of required iron per day.
 Strong Bones
 Coconut milk is rich in both calcium and phosphorous. While the former is important for formation of bones, the latter is needed for strengthening them.
 Maintains skin and blood vessels
 Vitamin C and copper present in the milk helps the blood vessels and skin stay elastic and flexible.
 Weight Management
 Coconut milk has a high concentration of dietary fibers which makes you feel full. Why opt for any other diet program?
 Maintains Blood Sugar and Pressure
 Intolerance of glucose leads to deficiency of manganese in the body. Coconut milk, nuts, legumes are some good sources of manganese. Apart from this, being an excellent source of potassium, it is important in maintaining the blood pressure.

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