mandag 1. april 2013

VM Seller 2  is nulled, 

weel, i really don't know what this actually mean, i got some help from the staff over there.
but i got stuckt, after a while, i hired a freelancer php web developer, or html.
he fixt all i needed. I have a site that is called this site, is a place where people can buy and sell 3d print product, and uploaud to specific category or sub category
Evry one can buy you items whit paypal
the works like ebay only in 3d print. there is no auto render fuction when you uploaud an stl file

i got help to complete my project, on the freelancer on it' now working 100 %
i spent many thousand dollar on the program, my dad almost kild me,

the site i have runs on a modified vm seller 2 program you can have a copy of me if you wont to pay 250 just write in the comment box. but sine i still dont got the site up and run, you can bookmark this page |in you broswe and come back from time to time, becouse i may have the site up and run son
than you can sheck

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