onsdag 8. april 2015

genuine anchor link seo blackhat

yes there are places you can post your article whit genuine anchor link that freakn manipulate the search engines. You may even get seo traffic, in til google finds out that links are genuine. Than they penalize you page 99 from the engine. they may even penalize innocent pages of you, on that blogger account.  because you have done some thing on that innocent page that is suspicious for them. Like writing an article that is more or less spam, So they do this to be 100% sure.

Ok any way this is black hat seo, and genuine page has been part of panda and penguin. lateley.

So don't even try if you don't have an sophisticated plan, do no risk this on your best page.

For example quality pages are what google like
this is a creep site, not because my content is bad
but becouse i'm retarded, i'm not good at teeling google what i¨'m writing about.

sheck if your pages is penalized 

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